Weekly Video compilation #3 Hello everyone. We made our second video compilation article. This time we found five videos that will be fun to watch. Enjoy every moment Dark Level Speedrun (maybe the world record!) Android Demo. Impossible controls Funny Moments Funny Moments 2 Funny Moments 3 Continue Reading Weekly Video compilation #2 Hello everyone. It's time to watch our third Human Fall Flat video compilation. It was a pretty boring week, but we found some fun videos for you guys. Relax and enjoy! Real Friendship 3 Humans Fall Flat - A Canadian Experience spaceman (music video) Funny Moments Continue Reading Big updates are coming According to the latest tweet from developers, the big update is coming to Human Fall Flat. This update will bring new skins to the game on PC and console versions. How they will look, you can see on the teaser image.   Also, the tweet said that there are lots more updates on the way - including new levels and Workshop details. No more info.   We are very excited and have some prediction about future updates:   Levels with lava. It will be a fun walk around lava once again. Traffic levels. Clustertruck is an enjoyable game. Image how fun will be Human Fall Flat in Clustertruck setting. Comics levels. New Avengers is coming as well as a new Spider-Man movie. We think it's time to Disney add popular comics heroes to HFF.   What you think about upcoming updates? Continue Reading Human Fall Flat reached 5 million copies sold Atrer 3 years from release Human Fall Flat developers twitted that game is reached 5 million players milestone. According to the developers, a great contribution to this achievement was made by the Nintendo Stitch release and with Multiplayer Madness update. Only on Nintendo Switch, the game was sold more times than on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined. But the release of the multiplayer update at the end of last summer gave a significant impetus to the increase in the number of new players. So, that everyone can celebrate this achievement on February 10, a large set of free additional content is available to players. Also, the developers said that they are working on porting the game to Android and iOS. Versions for mobile devices should be expected in the second half of the year. Continue Reading Human: Fall Flat - Minor Update: ONLINE CO-OP And More GOOD NEWS, the ONLINE CO-OP is back!  Minor Feature / Game Mode Additions: Brought online CO-OP back as a feature after fixing numerous bugs associated with its functionality.  ‘Fry Me to the Moon’ achievement now available to unlock. Bug Fixes: Game Object – Fixed the 'legendary' unbreakable second padlock in the Castle level (that's accessible through the stone bridge behind the Stables checkpoint). Multiplayer – Fixed an issue where players couldn’t connect to their Friends via the Friend Games menu if their Friend was in another player’s game. Multiplayer – Fixed an issue where repeatedly joining & cancelling between Public and Friends lobbies caused major sync issues in-game and in split-screen. Multiplayer – Public Invite only lobbies no longer allow people to join them without having an invite. Mac – “Dark” – Fixed the amount of light that was appearing from the Mansion when Bloom was enabled in the Advanced Video Options. VFX – “Dark” – Fixed the smoke VFX for the FrankenBob launch. It should now correctly resemble the smoke you see on the lit torches elsewhere in the level. Fixed minor graphical issues seen throughout the “Dark” level including misplaced polygons, flickering and incorrect textures. Continue Reading
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