About Us

Well, many of us have dealt with it before: one too many shots and there we go, wobbling. As if the planet itself was shaking.

Human: Fall Flat is a perfect boozer simulator. Or an invertebrate animal simulator. Or a doughy, marshmallow ragdoll guy simulator - pick the one you like. And even though it looks like an easy peasy game from aside, beating Fall Flat's levels is more than just a challenge.

And we enjoy a good challenge. So it's no surprise we are the devoted fans of Human: Fall Flat. Behind a mysterious "we" two friends, Matt and Josh, are hiding. We've come up with the idea of this website not so long ago, and here it is! On the pages of our fansite, we are going to share all the sweet tips, tricks, news, and handy secrets about this top-notch game.

Human: Fall Flat is all about focus, concentration, and patience. And taming your warrior spirit - in other words refraining from smashing your Xbox/PS4 controller against the wall in a fit of rage.

As you fall down from the skies and go from one level to another: every little wobbly step in the right direction is a giant leap for you. And what kind of objectives you'll have to accomplish when solving HFF puzzles...

  • Riding windmills.

  • Catapulting yourself.

  • Hijacking steamboats.

  • Getting propelled by giant fans.

  • Throwing fire-extinguishers into the glass.

And so on, and so forth. Until your weary marshmallow body gives in...

Human: Fall Flat is more than a simple slapstick comedy-style game. It is a trial of your will-power. And only the strongest will make it to the end. If it sounds funny or dubious to you - watch one of the HFF speedruns. Virtually It is as easy as landing Apollo 13 on the Moon.

But if you aren't after setting a Human: Fall Flat speedrun world record - you can share it with your friend. Some hilarious moments will ensure - it is 100% guaranteed.

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